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Project Description
A project to extend the capabilities of the MinShell component from Windows Embedded Compact 2013.

Version 4.1: Registry bug has been implemented. See Discussions.

Version 4.1 now available

  • New feature: Menu is now sorted.
  • Now same as version in Compact13Tools
    • Note that you don't need to download this if you get Compact13Tools as Compact13MinShell is part of that.

Version 4.0

  • Background image is not bound to resources (is now specified in registry). Background file now loaded from \Windows, so can be changed.
  • Background color is also in registry
  • These registry entries and all MinShell keys are now in separate registry tree under HKLM\Software, away from Microsoft tree,
  • This version will now also be embedded into next release of Compact13Tools, not requiring this download. It will also have an app to restart the shell if exiting, automatically.


This project extends the MinShell component in Windows Embedded Compact 2013 to
  • Add various extra items to the menu besides cmd:
    • ipconfig, with output to Debug Window
    • Target Control(shell.exe) Window on device
      • Note that this requires KITL to be enabled.
  • Simple to add more items via registry. See Compact13Tools OS Subprojects

Items added to this menu if included via Compact13Tools Project:

  • CoreCon3 (Note moved from this project)
  • TaskManager
  • Notepad
  • RunApp (Note moved from this project)
  • WebBrowser
  • Show/Hide Taskbar (In some apps)
  • Registry Editor

CEComponentWiz V3.1 (New feature)

  • Another refinement is with the CEComponentWiz project. There is now an option there to include registry entries in the content Subproject generated so that applications within the Subproject can optionally be in the Compact2013MinShell menu...Cool eh!
  • See Window Embedded Compact (CE) Component Wizard on right.
  • V3.2 (Coming) will adjust for the registry changes in this version of Minshell.

Where to from here?

This is a work in progress.
It is envisaged that any other custom apps will be added to Compact13Tools project, not here.
This side of these joint Compact13 projects (Minshell-Tools) has the following custom functions compared to the supplied MinShell
  1. Provide the Task Manager launch from the menu DONE
  2. Customise the desktop wall paper DONE
  3. Another envisaged function is to launch Minshell in a manner that if exited it restarts. DONE in Compact13Tools V3.0 (coming).

  • And finally, implement Minshell menu via shortcuts .. Wala!

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