Can't see application window started with Minshell

Apr 26, 2014 at 4:33 PM
Hi David,

I'm busy developing a custom shell for a product running Windows Compact 7. I've based the shell on your minshell for Compact 2013.

I made some minor changes to port it back to windows compact 7 however I am having a problem.

When I run some of the applications I've put in the 'Command' menu the applications window does not appear. I've put some debug in around the CreateProcess() function (in minshell desktop.cpp) and the process seems to be starting properly. I wonder if you've encountered this during development?

Specifically I'm having trouble with the touch screen calibration utility for the Microchip TSHARCU Devil Ray resistive touch controller.

If I go back to using the standard shell I can launch the app fine from the desktop.

Is there a possibility there is some shell functionality the calibration app relies on that is not implemented in the minshell API set?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.